Our customer records are large and cover a wide field

Why choose El-Centrum ApS as your business partner?


El-Centrum is a young and dynamic company with employees who are not afraid of challenges.

The company employs 29 members of staff. Some of our employees have received the Basic Offshore Safety Course including the HUET & Escape Chute (BOSC).

As a company we are used to work under very difficult conditions. So whether or not the project is situated in Tromsø in the Northern part of Norway, in the Eastern part of Poland or in Rumania we have been there and have carried out assignments with great success. Regardless of a concrete project to be carried out or whether it is just a matter of hiring our qualified staff you can feel secure with contacting us. Our employees are the key to our success. This is the reason why we always make a point of having well-educated and skilled staff who have the necessary courses and further training. In this way everyone in the company is always up to date on the most recent technology.

El-Centrum ApS is completely up to date on SKS through the Bureau Veritas, (Quality control), security group and documentation programmes.

As a company and as individuals we take pride in keeping agreements and deadlines which is a ”must” for our business partners in general.

"Our customer records are large and cover a wide field. New customers are added to the records every week. This success is attributed to our good reputation which guarantees a good service".

The above overview is some of our ideas of why we are a worthy business partner and a co-player. Below please find a list of some of our references:

Brødrene Hartmann.
Hydro Aluminium.
Semco Maritime offshore.
Vestas Rødekro Bio fabrik.
HKH Prins Joachim, Schackenborg slot, landbrug, udlejningsejendomme, kro m.m.
SE Energi